Guinea Pigs – Health

Picture source: CavyMadness © 1999-2003 Nhan and Tammy Rao

Picture source:
CavyMadness © 1999-2003
Nhan and Tammy Rao

Guinea Pigs usually conceal illness, because it’s a survival mechanism in the wild, where a predator would pick off a lagging pig. You should be very attentive to your pets and notice the first signs of the discomfort. They seldom get over an illness without help and decline quickly. The specific symptoms of a disease in a Guinea Pig are not eating, crusty eyes, blood in the pee, squeaking while peeing, diarrhea, drooling, weight loss, bloat, or hair loss.

Guinea Pigs – Taxonomy

  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Rodentia
  • Suborder: Hystricodnathi
  • Family: Caviidae
  • Genus: Cavia
  • Domestic speciesy: Cavia porcellus

There exist two main categories of Guinea Pigs: Selfs (one-color short hairs), and Non-selves, which are very numerous (Abyssinian, Abyssinian Satin, Agouti, American, American Satin, Coronet, Dutch, Himalayan, Long Hairs, Peruvian, Peruvian Satin, Silkie, Silkie Satin, Taddy, Teddy Satin, Texel, White Crested, and etc).

guinea pig breeding

Lots of different guinea pigs of different types – Picture provided by jämför smådjursförsäkringar hos husdjursförsä

Guinea Pigs – Housing

Keeping Guinea Pigs has many advantages when compared to other pets. They don’t need to go out daily and they can be left alone for the whole day unlike dogs. Guinea Pigs eat little and can be handled easily, unlike rabbits. Guinea Pigs don’t sleep the whole day, unlike hamsters and other small rodents. Also Guinea Pigs don’t need much room, extra heat or light, don’t make much noise and are not expensive to buy and keep.

Guinea Pigs – Breeders Links

Picture source: St. Austell and District Cavy Club &Copy 2000-2003 Compass Website Design

Picture source:
St. Austell and District Cavy Club  Copy 2000-2003

American Cavy Breeders Association – Non-profit organization dedicated to furthering interest in the cavy through breeding and exhibition.

California Cavys – Breeding Americans, breeders listing and upcoming shows. Located in Santa Barbara County.

Cavyland – Guinea pigs by Heather, with links to her other favorite pet as well as links to Carey’s sites more generally.

Coven Oak Caviary – Breeder of self Peruvian guinea pigs in Ontario, Canada. Information on upcoming litters, pigs for sale, and pictures of current stock.

English Self Cavy Club – Breeders of only purebred self Guinea Pigs.

Maverick Stud – Breeders of peruvian guinea pigs in many colours, bred for health and temperment.

Mid Atlantic Cavy Breeders – Presents breeders for shows.

Red Rock Caviary – Breeds Coronet and Silkie Cavies. Located in Ontario, Canada and offer guinea pigs for pets or show.

Welcome to Cavy Cottage – Breeder of quality Cavies for show or pets.

Guinea Pigs – Rescue Links

Picture source: Cavy Companions

Picture source:
Cavy Companions

Cavies Dot Com – Southern California cavy rescue and supply store. Includes news and links to other rescues and organizations.

Cavy Care Inc. – Dedicated to the placement of unwanted pets. Has a no-kill policy.

Cavy Rescue in UK – Has informative guides, useful links, plus e-newsletters for various rodents.

Cavy Spirit Rescue – Located in San Mateo, California, a private home, which takes in abandoned guinea pigs and places them. Includes general cavy information and advocacy against pet stores that sell animals.

Channel Islands Cavy Rescue – No-kill guinea pig rescue, rehab, and adoption center. Photos of available cavies, information on adopting, and contact information for other rescues.

Guinea Pig Adoptions and Cavy Rescue – An international list of guinea pig rescues. Also includes classifieds, for listing guinea pigs for adoption.

Guinea Pig Rescue and Adoption – An international list of guinea pig rescues. Also includes classifieds, for listing guinea pigs for adoption.

Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue – Rescued guinea pigs up for adoption in the Washington, D.C. area. Photos of adoptables, online adoption application, and contact information.

Nikki’s Rescue – Offers FAQ and links to guinea pig health and care, in addition to photos of guinea pigs for adoption. Contains a downloadable adoption application and care sheets.

Save a Piggie – Dedicated to rescues and adopting guinea pigs.

The Critter Corral – Rescue located in Steger, Illinois with photos and descriptions of available cavies. Success stories and ways to help.

Wee Companions – Rescue and adoption center in San Diego, California specializing in guinea pigs, with a few other small animals. Includes photo gallery.