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Picture source: CavyMadness © 1999-2003 Nhan and Tammy Rao

Pigs – Social Structure

Guinea Pigs are highly social animals and in the wild they gather together in herds for survival. They don’t burrow themselves, but use abandoned burrows of other animals. They always observe a strict ranking: a single dominant male is the head of a harem of females and their youth. As the young males reach maturity, severe battles occur between them and the leader. The weaker males submit and are driven from the herd into a new location with a single female. In captivity the loser may die of starvation and exhaustion, because the dominant male drives it from water, food, and sleeping spots. So it’s important to separate sexually mature Guinea Pigs. Two males can peacefully live together if they are neutered and never in contact with females. As for females, they also fight for rank, but do not drive the weaker from the herd. The highest rank earns the right to go wherever and whenever they want. The Guinea Pigs of lower rank defer to those of higher rank. Usually the two strongest females don’t get along and constantly fight. They should be separated to avoid high stress level in the cage. The young Guinea Pigs squeal loudly until they are fed. Guinea Pigs nurse usually not only from the mothers, but also from other lactating females.

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Picture source: CavyMadness © 1999-2003 Nhan and Tammy Rao

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Picture source: CavyMadness © 1999-2003 Nhan and Tammy Rao

Picture source: CavyMadness © 1999-2003 Nhan and Tammy Rao

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